List Minister


List Minister

Deputy List Minister


Responsibilities and duties of Ministers of the List

It is vital to remember that the integrity and impartiality of the Lists is determined by the Minister of the List. It is imperative that all MOLs remain above reproach. You must treat all fighters fairly, without regard to preferences or status. If you make an exception for one fighter, you must make an exception for all fighters. Maintaining a reputation of fairness, keeping accurate records, and following the rules of the list will ensure a good tournament for you and all others involved.

Membership: All SCA officers must be paid members of the SCA, Inc. for the duration of their office (two years), and have access to The Outlandish Herald. Updates in policy and procedures will be published in the Kingdom MOL submission to the Outlandish Herald.

Participation:  Local MOLs are expected to attend all locally sponsored events where tournaments will be held, or appoint a suitable replacement (such as a deputy or MOL-at-Large). Local MOLs are also required to attend local business meetings. Should an emergency arise and they are unable to attend, a copy of the monthly report should be forwarded to the deputy or seneschal to report to the populace in the MOL’s place.

List Rules:  All MOLs are required to enforce Kingdom and Society Laws and Policies related to list procedures, and to ensure that any fighter entered into the list is eligible to compete.

Reporting:  Local MOL – reports are sent to KMOL, local Seneschal, and Knight Marshal within 14 days of any local tournament. It is the local MOLs responsibility to report, even if a deputy or MOL-at-Large conducted the list. Missing three consecutive reports is grounds for suspension or removal from office. (See appendix for sample form) MOL-at-Large – give reporting information to the local group MOL, or submit report to KMOL and forward a copy to the local MOL for their report to other local officers.

Deputy:  All local MOLs must recruit and train an emergency deputy (drop dead) who will become successor to the office. At the end of term, letters are submitted to the KMOL from both the outgoing MOL and incoming MOL indicating the change of office, and new contact information. The KMOL will then ensure the group’s acceptance of the incoming officer.

MOLs should be able to:

  • Remain organized, and deal efficiently with large amounts of paperwork
  • Form a working relationship with all warranted marshals within their local group
  • Maintain contact with KMOL, Knight Marshal and Seneschal and provide current contact information including mailing address, phone number, and email address (if available)
  • Effectively run all standard tournament forms (single and double elim, round robin, bear pit) and be willing to learn formats with which they are unfamiliar
  • Assist the KMOL office in maintaining an accurate list of authorized fighters in the Kingdom by participating in a census, as needed, of all authorized fighters in the local group. It is recommended that a list of local fighters be maintained by the local MOL including SCA name, membership number, membership expiration, authorized forms and authorization expiration.


For more details about the Minister of Lists see the handbook.

Good luck the next time you put your name on the Lists of a tournament!