Getting Started: Rapier Fighting

Getting Started

Photo courtesy of Rachael Rodgers

SCA Rapier Combat is our recreation of  the style of unarmored combat that took place from the medieval period to 1600 A.D. Participants engage in this sport for fun and fitness! Many also study the extant manuals and theories of combat from that time period, in order to more accurately recreate the style of pre-17th century swordfighting.

The first step is to visit one of our fighter practices and talk to someone in armor (don’t worry about “bothering” them–fighters love to bring new people into the fold!). We often have a marshal and/or chatelaine who will have loaner armor for you to try on (you will need to provide things like groin protection).

Official fighter practices are

Sundays 11-1 at Altura Park

Wednesday 6-8 Inez Park

After that, check out our Resources page to find people willing to help you make armor or sites where  you can buy various armor pieces.