Champions of al-Barran

Champions of al-Barran

September 17, 2022

Coronado Campground

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  • Event coordinator: Lady Gwenlyn Aldwyn,
  • Gate coordinator: Lord Guy Herbert
  • List Mistress: Lady Ariel
  • A&S: Sir Hrolief
  • Bardic: Lady Phaedra
  • Archery: Lady Catriona
  • Fencing: Master Otto
  • Heavy fighting: Sir Ronan
  • Parking: Sir Furion
  • Set up crew:

Long have the Champions of al-Barran born the mantle of their offices, long have they defended and served their barony. Now is the time for them to relinquish their titles and take their ease amongst a grateful populace. The Baron and Baroness call for a day of tournaments and revelry to choose our next Champions: Archery Champion, Baron’s Champion, Protector of the Baroness’ Heart, Black Sword of al-Barran, Arts & Sciences Champion, and Bard of al-Barran. Ravine battles, Hunkerhausen, classes, and more shall fill our day and will culminate in a potluck feast and Bardic followed by a hafla!

Our site has multiple covered picnic sites and a group shelter for shade, bathrooms, potable water at each picnic shelter, and a dumpster. HOWEVER, additional shade pavilions are welcome, bringing plenty of hydration is strongly encouraged, and we will need to collect trash in a trash bag before depositing in dumpster.

Please note–the terrain around the campsites where we will be congregating is rough and as it is a desert, we must always be on watch for our barony’s symbol (scorpions!). Boots or sturdy shoes and leg coverings is recommended if you are engaging in archery activities or melees.

Site fee $15/$10 members


106 Monument (Kuaua), Bernalillo, NM 87004

Site map: Coronado campmap

MAP to site


  • 8am                Site opens
  • 8:30am         Champion Archer Tournament
  • 9:30               Lists open Baron’s Champion (Heavy)
  •                         A&S Champion display opens
  • 10:00             al-Barran Baronial Champion (Heavy) Tournament
  • 11:00             Lists open for Protector of the Baroness’s Heart Tournament
  •                         A&S Classes and A&S Champion commence SEE DETAILS BELOW
  • 11:30               Protector of the Baroness’s Heart Tournament
  • 1:00pm            Lunch
  • 2:00pm            Ravine Battles
  • 4:00pm            Court
  • 5:30pm            Feast
  • 7:00ish            Bard of al-Barran bardic circle SEE DETAILS BELOW
  • 8:30ish            Hafla
  • 9:30pm            Site closes

Champion of Arts and Sciences

Greetings al-Barran!
I’m excited to announce the format and conventions for the Arts and Science champion of al-Barran. This competition is to be held at our Champions event on September 17th.
We will have three categories for entry that I have selected in consultation with their Excellencies: Culinary Arts, Costume & Jewelry, and Heraldic Display. See the comments on this post for a more in-depth description of each with examples.
Each category will have a Best in Category prize as well as a Populace Choice prize. Those wishing to be considered for Arts and Sciences champion will need to enter pieces in two categories. Each entry will be standalone, that is to say one entry per category. So, for example, if you would like to enter a dress that is decorated with heraldic imagery, You would need to decide if you are entering it in the Costume and Jewelry category or the Heraldic Display category. They will not count for both.
Entries for Champion and Best in Catagory will be judged based on the overall execution, skill demonstrated, and supporting research. Those wishing to be considered for champion required to submit minimum documentation. Those wishing to be considered for the other prizes are not required to submit documentation, but it doesn’t hurt to include it.
Minimum documentation: a single page detailing the background and culture that inspired the piece. Please include a paragraph or two detailing your process (pictures are encouraged). Also include any references of period examples, such as academic research, extant artifacts, or pictorial references for manuscripts. This is meant to be a quick reference of what you made, how you made it, and what inspired it. The length of this documentation is not limited and more detail will certainly be favorable in the judging. However, please keep in mind that time is a limiting factor.
Submissions will be accepted the day of, however you can send a description of your submissions along with your documentation ahead of time to me directly at You can also direct any questions to this email or free to send me a direct message.
Please keep in mind, as Arts and Sciences Champion It will be your charge too promote arts and sciences within our community and work with me to provide some creative opportunities to expand the skills and knowledge of our members.
If you need help with any of your documentation, I will be happy too coach you though this process. I have designed this competition to encourage everybody to participate to whatever degree they feel comfortable and enthusiastic about.
So, get creative! I’m hoping to see the great recipes, beautiful clothing or jewelry, and some creative uses for heraldry that I know our wonderful community can produce. The categories are designed to be broad so that everyone has an opportunity to get in the mix.
Ad Excellentiam,
Syr Hrolleifr Harrbjorn
al-Barran Minister of Arts & Science

Bard of al-Barran

Greetings, bards of our fair Barony! After years of plague, I am seeking another to take up the mantle of the Bard of al-Barran. I will be holding a competition to find a worthy gentle to proudly wear the baldric at Champions. For the competition, be prepared with the following:
1. Your choice of song or story. Bring your best, to impress me, Their Excellencies, and the other judges.
2. A filk, either your own composition or one already written.
3. At least 3 choices from the following list of songs, of which the judges will choose one for you to perform.
Good luck!
In Service,
Lady Phaedra Thebaia
Bard of al-Barran
Song list:
Red is the Rose
Irish Rover
Parting Glass
Oak and Ash and Thorn
Fair Outlands Ladies
Hold the Line
Song of the Shield Wall
Drunken Sailor
Rattlin Bog
The Keeper (Jackie Boy)
Danny Boy
Bonny Bonny Banks of the Virgio
Roll Your Leg Over
The Moose Song
Scotlands Depraved
The Ball of Ballinor
Skye Boat Song
Rising of the Moon
Wild Rover
Whiskey in the Jar
Barley Mow
Rose Red
Sumer is a Cumin In
Oak and Ash and Thorn
My Son John
Loch Lomond
Fair Spanish ladies
Mad Tom
My Mother Told Me
Old Dunn Cow
Fruit of the Yew
Fair Outlands Ladies
Sweeter than Honey
King Baleo
Fuck You I’m Drunk
The al-Barran War Song
The Scotsman’s Kilt
The Mingulay Boat Song
Leave Her Johnny