January 24, 2020 6:45 pm

Titles and Forms of Address

Titles in the Society are earned and those holding them should be given the courtesy of being called by their proper title. Everyone in the Society is considered to be a lord or lady of the court.

  • King - Your Majesty, Sire, My Liege (if you have sworn fealty to him), My Lord King
  • Queen - Your Majesty, My Lady Queen
  • Crown Prince or Crown Princess - Your Highness, Your Royal Highness
  • Prince or Princess - Your Highness
  • Duke - Your Grace, My Lord Duke
  • Duchess - Your Grace, My Lady Duchess
  • Count - My Lord, My Lord Count, Your Excellency
  • Countess - My Lady, My Lady Countess, Your Excellency
  • Viscount or Viscountess -Your Excellency
  • Knight - Sir (name)
  • Master of Arms - Master (name)
  • Master or Mistress of the Laurel - Master or Mistress (name)
  • Master of Mistress of the Pelican - Master or Mistress (name)
  • Baron - My Lord Baron, Your Excellency
  • Baroness - My Lady Baroness, Your Excellency
  • Officers - My Lord or My Lady (name of office)
  • Everyone else - My Lord or My Lady