January 24, 2020 6:11 pm

Welcome to the Current Middle Ages

By Baldwin of Erebor (used by permission)

Passing through the mountains on a summer's day
I saw a sight -- and stopped along the way
a group of people standing in a field
And in among them I could swear I saw a shield.

I stopped and talked to someone in the strangest clothes
He wore a cloak -- and tights that he called hose
And in a jumble his words came to me
About a group that he called The Society.


Oh, welcome to the Current Middle Ages
We're glad you came and hope that you can stay
Come share with us the joys of gentle dalliance
Within a dream that has not passed away.

I met a person dressed in armor that went clink
I was amazed -- he made it link by link
He showed me that he wore a chain and belt
He was a Knight, he said. I asked him how it felt.

I met another person in a satin dress
She said her name -- I missed it, I confess
I swear that every word that woman said
Sounded like history -- it echoed in my head.

Repeat Chorus

I watched two people fight a battle armed with swords
I met a bard -- he sang and played some chords
Then someone shouted in a voice quite loud
To make way for the King -- and everybody bowed.

After that my memories became a blur
I'd read it all -- of that fact I was sure
And when I left that place I cannot say
But I'll return, and when I do I know I'll stay

Repeat Chorus

© 1979 by Derek Foster. All rights reserved. Used by Permission.

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