January 24, 2020 7:36 pm

To Clothe Your Body

So far throughout this guide, you have learned about our general organization and many other tidbits of information which make life in these Current Middle Ages more understandable. The only basic requirement the S.C.A. has for attending events is that the person be willing to wear pre-17th century style dress, of any period or culture, or a close semblance of such. It has been stated that loaner costumes are available from our Hospitaler, but you should think about making one of your own. We have included in this guide a basic tunic pattern and a simple pants pattern. Her are some other tips and/or references to start of off:

For women, wear a peasant-style blouse with a long, full skirt.

For men, wear a belted long-bodied peasant shirt, with tights or baggy pants.

For women, make a simple T-tunic as illustrated and wear it with a long skirt or over a long dress with long, fitted sleeves.

For belts, many modern styles work quite well, or knot twine or yarn into a long dangling belt.

Both men and women can wear a simple veil (an oval of fabric works quite well).

Remember, white belts are reserved for the Chivalry.

Remember, metal fillets, circlets, or other material which can be construed as metallic from a distance, should be avoided.

Remember, certain types of jewelry might resemble medallions for earned awards. Please feel free to ask someone if you are in doubt.

Good places to look for make-do or easily-altered base dresses or skirts are thrift stores and flea markets.

Remember it gets cold at night. An old blanket or bedspread can easily be altered to serve as a cloak. A simple way to make a cloak is to measure from the back of your neck to the ground. Use this measurement as the radius of a half circle. Make a small half circle at the center of the straight edge for your head/neck opening. Hem the edges and there you go. Fasten with a decorative pin.

When you feel more ambitious, contact your Arts and Sciences Officer for more information.