Sworded Affair

Sworded Affaire returns to the Barony of al-Barran with a new theme; Italian Carnevale!

Join us for Tournaments, buckler classes, and more as we celebrate the return of the Preeminent Fencing Event of the Outlands.

Saturday, April 7th, at Sandia Preparatory School



532 Osuna Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113

**Directions from the North

Traveling south on I-25, Take Exit 231 toward Ellison-San Antonio/Osuna

Merge onto Pan American frontage road South, slight right staying on frontage road,

Take the 2nd right onto Osuna Rd. NE

The School will be on the left.

**Directions from the South

Travel north on I-25, Take Exit 230 toward San Mateo Blvd/Osuna

Merge onto Pan American frontage road North

Turn left on San Mateo Blvd it turns into Osuna Rd NE,

The School will be on the left.

Parking is in the lot to the Right inside the Gate.

Site Fees:

  • Adult non-Members: $15
  • Adult Members: $10
  • Children under 13: Free
  • Picnic Donation Lunch is included with your Site Fee, courtesy of our local participants.

Tentative Schedule

Time Event
8:00 AM Set up for Volunteers
9:00 AM Site Opens
9:30 AM Tournament Lists Open
10:00 AM Opening Court
11:00 AM Order of Defence Tournament with semi and final matches (1-1/2 hours)
12:00 PM Donation Lunch Begins
12:00 PM Buckler 101
01:00 PM Balance Tournament
2:00 PM Novice Tournament
2:00 PM Un-Authorized Rapier Class (1 hr)
2:00 PM Donation Lunch Ends
3:00 PM Single Sword Tournament
3:00 PM RBG Making Class
4:00 PM Venetian Wine Shoppe Tournament
5:00 PM Closing Court
6:00 PM Site closes except for clean up.

Tournaments are expected to last 1 Hour unless otherwise specified

Classes are expected to last 30 min unless otherwise specified

Un-Authorized Rapier Class -- Un-Authorized Rapier Fighters can cross blades with a White Scarf, advance yourself on your journey to Authorization!


If you have any questions please contact the Event Steward: Lucrezia de Carducci at 505-514-7669 by phone or text.

Tournament Conventions

MOD Tournament Conventions

5 Pools of 10 fighters; Bring your Best Weapon, Single Elimination Tourney until a clear victor is had.

Balance Tournament

Single Elimination - Single Point Weapon (Sword OR Dagger)

4 Items are placed on a tray and are awarded 1 point for each item on the tray at the end of the round, plus 2 points for winning. Total Max points are 6 for a Win and total max points for a Loss is 0.

Each fighter will begin the fight with a serving tray on which a number of items will be balanced. Fighters will earn one point for each item remain on the serving tray at the end of the fight and one point to the fighter who wins the round. This tournament is planned to be run as best two out of three, with a preset number of rounds fought, determined by the number of combatants, however depending on the number of combatants, time, and available fields it may be adjusted to single fight by the Marshal In Charge and Mistress of the List on the day of the tournament; the fighter with the most points at the end of all rounds will win. Ties will be broken if needed by actual rounds won during the tournament and a dead even tie will be resolved on the field.

Novice Tournament Conventions

Double Elimination, Best 2/3.

For Rapier Fighters who have been fighting for three (3) years or less; each round is expected to be a round robin of best 2 out of 3 fights. The format includes Buckler, Dagger, Soft Perry Defensive, and Bring your Best.

Single Sword Tournament

Single Fight, Double Elimination

39" blades or less ONLY, Single Sword Only.

Venetian Wine Shop Tourney

Teams of two. Fighters start with daggers within reach, rapiers and other secondaries stowed away (with the exception of cloaks, which may start off worn but not simply held in the hand), fighters start around a table in the center of the lists. Lay-on to be called when pre-fight banter reaches an appropriately stinging level.