Grand Outlandish XLVI

Site Opens Thursday, May 23, 2019 @ 12:00 PM

Site Closes Monday, May 27, 2019 @ 12:00 PM

Triskeles Farms

171 Sundance Kid Road

Edgewood, NM 87015

Chasing the Dream

In our Society, we talk about living The Dream. This year's Grand Outlandish will be an opportunity for participants, new and seasoned, to continue/renew their passion for the The Dream. This year marks the 46th anniversary of Grand Outlandish. In addition to the Lord of Outlandish and other well known Outlandish activities, we are going to be adding a Battle Crafting Competition, a Cooking Competition, and a Bardic Competition. We will be adding a Tavern Brawl to the tournaments schedule for the Rapier Fighters. There will also be Introduction to Heavy Fighting, Rapier, and Archery classes for people who are interested and would like to learn a bit more before taking the plunge and going to a fighter practice. We hope to see everyone there to continue Chasing the Dream.

Autocrat: Bantiarna Gráinne Shocair(


Fee Structure and Registration

We are excited for us to join us this year as we Chase the Dream! For your convenience, pre-registration is now open! Your registration for and payment must be received no later than May 10, 2019.


Mail completed Pre-Registration Form and Payment to:

Barony of al-Barran
C/O GOT Registration
PO Box 27676
Albuquerque NM 87125

Remember: Registration and payment must be received by May 10, 2019.

Preregistration Form

  • Adult (18+) Pre-Reg $30.00 (Member Discount of $5.00 Applies)
  • Adult (18+) At Gate $35.00 (Member Discount of $5.00 Applies)
  • Adult (18+) Day $20.00 (Member Discount of $5.00 Applies)
  • Youth (8-17) Pre-Reg & At Gate: $15.00
  • Youth (8-17) Day: $5.00
  • Child (0-7) Pre-Reg, At Gate, & Day: Free
  • No Family Cap



Best route to I-40 Exit 175 (Tijeras). Head South on 337 for 11.6 miles. Turn left (East) on 217 for 1.7 miles. At the Stop sign, continue straight (East) onto Martinez Road for .2 miles. At the fork, keep Right onto Plant Road (South East) for .5 miles. Turn left (East) on Velvet Drive for .9 miles. Turn right (southeast) on Sundance Kid Rd for .3 miles. Turn right (west) to enter site. Continue West on the main road passing the white house to the event Gate.

Site Roads:

Please keep your speed at 5 mph through the site for the safety of the site owners and event attendees. There are several ONE WAY roads on-site that will be marked as such, please pay close attention to the site map and road signs. Also, we ask that, in order to maintain the spirit of The Dream, you move your vehicle to one of the designated parking areas as soon after unloading as you can and that you avoid driving through the site as much as possible. Not only does this make for a more magical experience, it makes a much safer (and less dusty) one as well!


We understand that parking can be an issue at such a well-attended event as Grand Outlandish. In order to help alleviate some of the stress and struggles of parking, we have a wonderful Parking Team to assist attendees in getting their vehicles parked in such a manner that they remain orderly and easy to move should you need to. As you are parking your vehicle, please work with our Parking Team as they are trying to make the best use of the parking areas that we can! Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns about where you need to park your vehicle, please ask!


There is a designated RV Loop with spots for RV camping (no hookups) but space is limited. Please contact the Land Coordinator Countess Gilliana leigh Galway ( to reserve your RV spot.

Alcohol (Wet or Dry Site): Wet

Fire Restrictions:

The Fire Rules/Restrictions are under review. Please check back periodically.

In Case of Emergency:

In case of emergency, please go to Autocrat Point (located at Volunteer Point), Security HQ (located at the Old Fable Inn), or Gate to immediately reach the autocrat, seneschal, and security via radio. All 911 calls must be placed by the Seneschal. Please do not call 911 if there is an emergency - go to one of these locations for help. If there are many people all trying to call 911 at the same time, it causes confusion on the part of the Emergency Responders and can actually delay help arriving to site. Additionally, should there be an emergency, please do your part by following the directions of the coordinators and people assisting with the emergency. It is our goal to keep everyone on site safe while allowing Emergency Responders quick and clear access to the emergency.


We all love our pets, and many of us want to bring them to camping events as it can make the event even more fun to have them with us. With that in mind, we welcome your pets so long as they are well-behaved, you follow the pet rules, and you make sure to clean up after them. It is no fun for anyone to step in a doggie bomb on the way to the privy at 2 AM! Never leave your pet unattended. While sightings of wildlife are few with so many people around, it is possible that your pet could encounter wildlife, such as snakes, or possibly leave their designated area and get hurt. We want our pet attendees to be as safe as our human attendees! Pets Around Site: When taking your pet out of your camp and around site, they must be on a leash at that leash must be attached to your person at all times. No leashes are to be left dragging on the ground. For example, you may choose to hold the leash in your hand, or you may attach the leash to your belt. Pets in Your Camp: When you are in your camp, please ensure that your pet is either leashed just as they would be for going around site, on a tie-out/tether that they cannot break free of that limits their ranging area to within your camp, or is in a crate/kennel. Owners found in violation of any of these pet rules may be asked to remove their pet(s) from site.


Contact security to remove snakes or other unwanted visitors.


At the request of the vendor, nothing may be taped to the port-a-potties and please do not put trash/sanitary products in the Porta's. If you need an announcement posted on the privy signs, please contact the autocrat.


Place your trash next to the port-a-potties each morning before 7AM. All trash is to be in garbage bags and tied tightly to keep debris under control. This service is provided by volunteers; please be courteous and help us leave the site cleaner than we found it.

Driving On Site:

Please keep your speed at 5 mph through the site for the safety of the site owners and event attendees. There are several ONE WAY roads on-site that will be marked as such, please pay close attention to the site map and road signs. Guests are encouraged to move your vehicle to the parking area as soon as possible after unloading it. There is very little space to pass vehicles on the road so whenever possible, pull off the road to unload. Thank you!

site map

Coming Soon


Comming Soon


Position Name Email
AutocratBantiarna Gráinne
A&SMaster Harduin of
Archery/Thrown WeaponsTHL Mikhailo Luchnyk
Children's ActivitiesLady Raelina Torres de Chavira
Emergency Lady Phaidra Thebaia
FoodLord Rafael Chavira
GateTHL Edric Capellarius
Gatebook/SchedulingBantiarna Gráinne
Heavy FightingIler Rasmussen
HeraldMaster Adam Stedefast
Hydration StationsLeanna Montgumery
Land Allocation/Water/ShowersCountess Gilliana Leigh
MerchantsLady Sabina de le Rouze (Ivy Rose)
New ComersLord Jose Taberna de
ParkingLady Kuma no Oni
PriviesCatrional de Friseal
Rapier/ Cut and ThrustLady Lucrezia de Carducci
Royal LiaisonMistress Catriona
SecurityLord Jose Taberna de
Site Clean-UpBantiarna Gráinne
Site Set UpVacant. Please contact the autocrat ASAP if you are interested!
Site Tear DownVacant. Please contact the autocrat ASAP if you are interested!
Social MediaMaster Harduin of
Town Hall ManagersLord Galen Petersen and Alicia Petersen
TrashSir Gregor von Munchoussen
VolunteersLady Roís ingean Uí Longain

Site Clean-Ups

April 6-7

May 11-12

May 18-19

Please note that there are several site-wide projects that need to be completed (such as work on roadways). We need to dedicate ourselves to taking care of and improving our site as a whole, so we are asking that the first weekend, and perhaps part of the second, you come out and help with site-wide projects. Once the site-wide projects are done, you are more than welcome to work on your individual camping areas. If you have a building project that you would like to complete this year, please contact the autocrat. All building projects must be approved BEFORE construction on them begins.

Please come prepared to the Site Clean-Ups with gloves, sunscreen, and good work boots. If you can bring tools, we could use: chainsaws, loppers, shovels, trucks, and trailers. We will ensure there is water available on-site, however, please plan on bringing lunch and snacks as we will not be able to provide them. Also, be aware that there will be no restroom facilities on-site and to plan appropriately. As always, please be respectful to the site and the landowners.




As Grand Outlandish XVLI approaches, everyone is getting excited, and one of the most exciting things is visiting the booths of the wonderful merchants! We are looking forward to having a variety of fabulous merchants this year. Merchants will be located along the main roads again this year, which allows for a lot of traffic through the booths.

All merchants (including their families and/or assistants) are required to pre-register for this event. Please use the Pre-Registration link to access the Pre-registration form. Everyone who is planning to be a merchant this year should get in touch with our merchant coordinator, Ivy Rose. She will be able to assist you with your location as well as any questions you may have.

Merchants should plan on arriving on Wednesday, May 22nd after 10:00 AM. After checking in at gate, all merchants will need to check in with the Merchant Coordinator so she can assist you in making sure you find your assigned booth space. Please do not block the roadways as other merchants and set up crew will need to be moving around the site during the day on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Ideally, all merchants will be set up and ready by the time site opens at 12:00 PM on Thursday, May 23rd.

Merchant Fees

Space Cost
Small Merchant Space - 15’x15’ $15.00
Large Merchant Space – 15’x30’, 20’x20’ $30.00

Please be aware that the Merchant Fees do not include gratis. Merchants should make sure they are their families/assistants are pre-registered using the Pre-Registration form and normal fee structure. There is also a place on the form to indicate which booth size you will be using, so you only have one form to take care of. Also, remember that pre-registration forms and payment must be received no later than May 10, 2019.

In order to enhance the experience of all event attendees, we ask they you try to make your booth as Period as possible. Should you need to camp behind your booth, make sure you let the Merchant Coordinator know so that we can plan accordingly. There are a limited number of spaces available with camping. If you are camping behind your booth, we also ask that you make your camp as Period as possible. Please keep any music on a low volume. Animals are allowed at your booth so long as you abide by the Pet Rules.


Merchants not following these guidelines may be asked to leave the site with no refunds.

Please feel free to contact the Merchant Coordinators with any questions. Ivy Rose:


Iron Man

Tournament Coordinator
Iron Man Tournament Kendrick MacPhearson

Heavy Tournaments

Tournament Coordinator
Templar Torchlight Tourney Master Adam Stedefast
Lord of Outlandish Sir Stavros of Helicon
Knight Bannerette Tournament Sir Stavros of Helicon
Iron Man Tournament Kendrick MacPhearson

Rapier Tournaments

Tournament Coordinator
Rapier Theater Baroness Bronwen Blackwell
Outlandish Blade Maestra Eleana
Rapier Tavern Brawl Lord Constantine Cortez
Rapier Cut and Thrust Tournament Master Otto Schwarz Hurz
Order of Defense Tournament TDB
Mixed Weapons Cut and Thrust Tournament Master Otto Schwarz Hurz

Archery Tournaments

Tournament Coordinator
Outlandish Archer TBD
Night Shoot TBD

Melee Scenarios


Grand Outlandish XL V Arts & Sciences

Coming Soon

Special Events

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