August 11, 2020 8:49 pm
DateGroupEventBaronial ProgressRoyal ProgressAutocrat
August 2020
1 Canton of Hawks Hollow **Cancelled** St. Sebastian's Archery Tournament      Ailinn Shadowfox
21-23 Shire of Plattefordham **Cancelled** Here There Be Dragons      Lord Ryuu
September 2020
12-13 Barony of Dragonsspine **Cancelled** Outlands Crown Tournament    K/Q/P/P  HE Seamus MacRae
19 Canton of Hawks Hollow **Cancelled** Northglenn Pirate Festival Demo      Eric Morrison
October 2020
3 Shire of Rio de las Animas **Cancelled** Rio Defender      Thorvald Hilgedrick
10-11 Kingdom of the Outlands Kingdom Arts & Sciences - Plague Edition      Mistress Richenda
16-18 Shire of Nahrun Kabirun **Cancelled ** Siege of the City      Lord John Russell
17 Barony of Unser Hafen Unser Hafen Conviviality Feast (Online)      Helene Boudain
November 2020
14 Shire of Drygestan **Cancelled** Outlands Coronation    KQ/PP  Christine Bishop
15 Shire of Drygestan **Cancelled** Outlands Coronation - Day 2    K/Q  Christine Bishop